Professor Schmitt's Slappy Trucks Analysis

Professor Schmitt's Slappy Trucks Analysis

For #SkateScience Saturday I dig into your actual wheelbase of @SlappyTrucks compared with established truck brands.

I have been ridding these #SlappyTrucks for 3 months with the stock bushings and they are working great for me.
Thanks for the trucks @Mike_Sinclair_ Here is the analysis I owe you.
In this case, I took the trucks off my board and the bushings are tightened like I like them and the others were new unridden trucks.

Each brand designs there trucks differently and geometry is what’s discussed the most.
However, when combined with how the baseplate is drilled this places your actual axel in a location and the axel-to-axel center is the actual wheelbase you are riding.

When you cross-reference the marketing of hanger or axel length with inches and millimeters it can all be confusing.

I made my Truck Design Wheelbase Variable Analyzation Jig last June
This is my second try at using this jig and I’m happy with how it works other than my spelling.

I have brass pins that are in line with the inside truck holes and place a pair of trucks on it.
I then take a caliper and zero it on the axel diameter and then measure from axel to axle on a new pair of trucks.

I found out the variables and share a number here for you to study. These are stock trucks with stock bushings and adjustment.

As you tighten your trucks the axel-to-axel distance will reduce a small amount. The height of the truck will also reduce as you tighten your trucks.

The trucks just like the #FingersOfFlat are part of the #TriangleOfLeverage which is a scientific way to compare the changes in your completely assembled #SkateBoard

2.69” Ace Classic 44 @AceTrucks
2.89” Krux Standard 8.5” @KruxTrucks
3.00” Indy 144 Hollow @IndependentTrucks
3.01” Tensor Mag Lite 5.75” @TensorTrucks
3.06” Slappy @SlappyTrucks
3.29” Classic 145 @ThunderTrucks
3.32” Venture 5.2” Polished @VentureTrucks

This shows how the Slappy Trucks are in the middle of the dimension variables between the trucks listed.
That means they will probably work good for you. Give them a try and find out.

Add the wheelbase of your actual board to get your actual wheelbase

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