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If you weren’t aware, Mike Sinclair recently announced that he’s been working on a new brand called Slappy Trucks. Sinclair has been a team manager for some of the biggest brands and some of the most notable skaters for the last 20 years but has never actually had a company of his own.

It doesn’t take a total skate nerd to know that the truck game is dominated by three brands, and breaking into that world seems nearly impossible. However, he’s determined to make sure his quarantine project comes to fruition, even if it doesn’t take off.

To hear more about Sinclair’s project, and what makes Slappy Trucks special, we tracked him down to see what we could dig out of him. Like the industry-savvy man he is, Sinclair kept his cards close to his chest and didn’t want to spill too much, but we did poke around enough so you can make some judgments of your own.

Read the full interview HERE

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